APN Outdoor is the only national Transit media provider in Australia.

Our Transit media covers 95% of Australia’s bus and tram network, giving your media plan real momentum.

But it’s not just reach – advertising on Transit gives you flexibility too. You can run citywide coverage in every major capital city, or pinpoint a campaign to a single retail outlet. It’s up to you.

And because it’s the only major outdoor medium that moves, your message gets attention.

Did you know Transit is the most seen Outdoor format: 

A Transit campaign offers you:


Moving messages secure attention and positively impact brand preference; validated through our Momentum research which was conducted in conjunction with NeuroInsights.

Longevity in market

With Transit media, you can choose from a range of formats – portrait, landscape, square and wraps – and specify your campaign length; 14, 28, 42, 56 or 84 days. So you can run a multi-dimensional campaign that fits with your purchase cycle.

Path to Purchase

Transit routes are prevalent throughout the CBD, the suburbs, high streets and in and out of shopping centres. With 70% of transactions occurring outside of the main shopping centre, delivering broad on the street campaign visibility is desirable.

Audience engagement

People like bus advertising; 71% of people prefer buses with advertising than those without, which in our ad-avoiding world is quite significant.

Amplification and reach

Transit complements activity through other media channels and significantly increases campaign reach and frequency in a highly cost-effective fashion.

Transit Factor

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Our formats

Key Statistics
32% higher recall is achieved with Transit when compared to street furniture (Hoop Group)
71% of people prefer buses with ads (Hoop Group)
95% of Australia’s bus and tram network is covered by APN Outdoor
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