Globally, DOOH is the fastest growing format in Outdoor advertising.

As the leading Outdoor media provider, we are the only media company offering advertisers a large format, high definition Elite Screens on a National scale. 

Specifically, our portfolio hosts 68 digital sites Nationally, with 5 new sites scheduled for development in Q3 2016. Known as Elite Screens, these sites operate 24/7 offering clients unmatched impact and exposure. In addition to the benefits that roadside Billboards offer, Digital Billboards have the following advantages:

Attention grabbing

The digital format enables incredible visibility, and when paired with smart content, will get your business noticed.

Did you know:

Time specific and precinct targeted

Dynamic timesharing means that your business can buy an ad spot by the hour or as part of a rotation. With late evening, early morning, or weekend spots and select locations, outdoor digital billboards offer some of the most targeted, high-value advertising displays in the entire industry.

Interactive: mobile/social convergence

Digital billboards have a commanding presence and allow for more interactivity, making Outdoor ever more relevant to multi-platform campaigns.

Immediacy of posting

Changes can be almost instantaneous, meaning that adjustments to messages and ad programs can be real time responsive.

Creative flexibility

Savvy advertisers are now able to show specific creative depending on the time of day, the temperature or real time events.  

Quality resolution

Already, multinational brands have embraced Elite Screens as an integral feature in multi-screen campaigns, some stand out campaigns include:

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Key Statistics
72% of all adults 18+ have seen a Digital Billboard in the past month (OMAC)
78% agree that digital advertising is attention grabbing (OMAC)
50% of people claim to have taken action after seeing Digital Outdoor advertising (OMAC)
34% of people who have seen a Digital Billboard in the past 6 months have gone to the brands website as a result (OMAC)
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