What is #MyRealWorld?
My real world is an exposition of candid research and insights drawn from real life, real time studies of Transit advertising and its audiences. The study encompasses several elements and facets delving deeply into what transit media means to Australians within their personal sphere of existence and what sorts of action this personal connection elicits.
Who did we follow?
We spoke to and got to know a mix of OG1’s, young working adults, young adults and mums with kids. They were also a mix of commuters by car and those who catch a bus or tram to work. The quantitative component looked at a broad mix of over 1500 Australians. We have also been following around our buses, finding out where they actually go and who they encounter on the way.
What did we find out?
We have found out a lot about this audience and their transit media interactions. We’ve looked into their overall media habits, the way they feel about transit advertising, and how this fits in with their everyday lives. We have taken a look into what this means for brands and how advertisers can best use transit to impact the everyday life of their consumers.

We have 95% of Australian metro areas covered

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Of those seeing ads on buses/trams in the past week, have taken action as a result
Recall seeing ads on Buses/Trams in the past week, ahead of most other media*
I like advertising on buses/trams, because it isn’t Intrusive
Looked out for the advertised product/service next time they were shopping
Key Statistics
Get to know key buses and trams in each city and the personalities on board.
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