Summer 2015


Using our Community Panel, we investigated the behaviours of Australian's throughout the Summer months. We asked them everything from what 'words' they associate with Summer to where they during the warmer months, and where they spend their money! 

What we found was interesting... the results both, corroborate and challenge popular beliefs about Summer in market.

There were several key findings that verified what we have come to expect from the season, i.e. that 70% of the audience are more active in summer, 56% saying they spend more time catching up with friends and 66% saying they are happier. As well as the anticipated positivity toward summer, the study also drew out some key ideas around what happens in regards to commuting and holidaying that may surprise the market.

Interestingly, and despite popular belief the study found that 59% of people’s commute does not change, with 34% of people actually commuting for longer. As well as this, only 7% of the audience travel overseas during this period, with 30% of people choosing to make the most of local weather and travel overseas at another point throughout the year.

The message is simple, summer, especially in Australia’s key cities, is the season to be Outdoor. With 71% of people saying that they are more receptive to Outdoor ads in summer, spending less time with other mediums, it’s a great time to reach this larger audience who are in a positive mind set, and more likely to be out and about.


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