Outfronts 2016


For the past two years we have come to market sharing our objectives for the year ahead giving our partners and clients the opportunity to measure our success.

2015 was a big year for us, starting with our Outfronts, where we committed to delivering:

  • New Products (LIST), 51 Elite Screens, Eastern Seaboard XtrackTV plus Adelaide, easy to buy packs and reaffirming our airport position.
  • Proof (LIST)- Building on the Attention Economy the largest transit study ever, #myrealworld and the community panel The Outsiders  
  • Innovation (LIST) Transit beacons trialled, first to market digital billboard executions.

On top of this we:

  • Installed 223,271 Transit panels
  • 23,019 Billboards
  • Built17 new Elite Screens
  • Took tens of thousands of campaign photos
  • And delivered more insights than ever before. We spoke to 4000+ Australians through The Outsiders … and brought you the Airport Economy
  • We were also proudly awarded Media I National Sales Team of the Year to top it all off.

Each year we give you a taste of things to come, and each year we deliver. 2016 will be no different…

As the Outdoor industry flourishes APN Outdoor is leading the way. 

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