The SBS FU2Racism campaign involved a week of programs that challenged preconceptions around race and prejudice. The goal of the campaign was to create awareness through the conversation, in order to get Australians to think twice about their preconceived racial biases and ultimately drive behaviour change. Measuring this conversation was Tide, a digital integration of multiple live data sources, developed by Zenith to measure the flow of race-based conversation in Australia . The real time results were then fed through a live API feed to  APN Outdoor's Elite Screens. Utilising APN Outdoor’s Elite Screen technology, in an Australian media first, SBS were able to incorporate a count of the amount of people on social media supporting SBS’ #FU2Racism which help to generate hype and talkability on the streets, smashing the online target of 15,000 with 216,000 - a +1340% over delivery!

February 2017
Special Activation/technology

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