Australia’s most sophisticated and interactive smart billboards went live with a ground-breaking outdoor campaign called,  ‘This is the New Lexus’ campaign via M&C Saatchi. 

The ‘This is the New Lexus’ brand positioning was unveiled in October with the launch of the NX Crossover model, taking the prestige car marque to a much broader, younger, more progressive luxury audience. In an unrivalled execution anywhere in the world, the billboards identified the brand, model and colour of passing vehicles to trigger a personal and playful message to drivers via the digital display, such as “Hey white Audi driver, it’s time to Crossover. This is the New Lexus NX.” The format also tailored tactical messages based on other variables such as time of day, weather and traffic conditions to generate messages such as: “Hey black Merc driver, the heavens have opened. This is the new Lexus NX.”

The activation featured more than 80 different configurations of dynamic messaging in each of the five sites.


January 2015
Special Activation/technology

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