Lazy Yak

In an ingenious partnership of weather-detecting technology and APN Outdoor’s Elite Screen capabilities, Lazy Yak succeeded in creating brand awareness in a fun, attention-grabbing format. 

Featuring the ‘Lazy Yak’ himself reclined on an inflatable bed in a pool, a different creative is automatically triggered to change depending on the weather in the local area.  The technology uses a built in weather feature assigned to each Elite Screen allowing the Digital Billboard to reflect real-time weather. Not only are the creative variations replicating sunshine, rain and nightfall, the weather gauge is also bringing wind sensitive technology to life on screen. Winds of more than 25km per hour will trigger the ‘wind-blown lazy yak’ creative to broadcast across the Elite Screen, adding another layer of reactivity to the campaign.

Tim Ovadia, Head of Brand - Craft “We have had a great response from our consumers with the Lazy Yak outdoor campaign, people really seem to love the Yak and his cheeky nature. Having run the Lazy Yak outdoor campaign for some time now, we were looking for different ways to inject some new energy into the creative. The weather and time trigger allows us to have a bit of fun with the Yak and put him in some interesting scenarios.”  

June 2016
Special Activation/technology

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