Chemist Warehouse - Diesel

In a fantastic utilisation of APN Outdoor’s Elite Screen capabilities and iconic positioning coupled with social and digital technologies, the Chemist Warehouse campaign was highly successful in promoting the launch of the new Diesel "Only the Brave" fragrance. 

Passers-by and locals in the area were encouraged to take photos within the activation hub in Federation Square where a green screen was erected and emulated situations where ‘only the brave’ would survive. These photos were then subsequently projected to the digital billboard that presides over the area providing participants with their five seconds of fame, as well as the optimum selfie moment!

As well as the green screen, brand ambassadors wandered the area giving out fragrance samples whilst leading wolf-like husky dogs. It was a truly a day for only the brave in Fed Square.

Ultimately, creative bravery resulted in a highly interactive, crowd-pleasing and memorable campaign for the brand.

April 2016
Special Activation/technology

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