The Airport Economy


The Attention Economy told us that travel was set to take off in 2015 and beyond…

  • 32% had visited the airport
  • 46% intended to travel either domestic  N6M or international in the N12M

So, we sought to understand: The airport audience… who they are, differences by type of travel.


3064 respondents aged 16 – 64 from Sydney, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch that had either travelled international or domestically in the past month or that were planning to travel internationally or domestically in the next month.


34% of respondents said they are now travelling more than they were a year ago

What does a traveller look like?

Business Travellers are more likely to be…

• Males
• 30-54
• Have children
• Dual income HH
• Higher income earners [150k+]

The profile of those travelling is typically broad and desirable:

• Business professionals [28%]
• Higher HH income $150K [27%]
• Families [44%]
• Young Adults [22%]
• Main Grocery Buyers [70%]

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