Path to Purchase


To understand the role of Outdoor advertising on the ‘Path to Purchase’ and specifically the role Transit formats might play in the decision-making cycle.


Three distinct stages and objectives to the research:

  1. 1013 completed online questionnaires in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane with the objective of exploring; category level purchase intent, category behaviours, shopping influences and media awareness.
  2. 776 participated in a daily mobile survey across an entire week to track brand contacts in purchase phase and last contact before purchase.
  3. 731 online surveys to revisit respondents’ progress through the Path to Purchase and classifying responses by category and on ad recall ascertained.

Key results

Changing consumer habits:

  • 70% of purchases are  occurring outside of the main shopping malls/centres
  • 47% of all grocery shopping occurs in stores outside of the main malls/centres
  • 90% of shopping across high consideration categories occurs outside of the main malls/centres

Purchase cycle:

  • Consumers are constantly active with more people in the market across 4 weeks than 2 weeks. Little planning and spur of the moment decisions.
  • Decision is usually made well before purchase. Many of these products are bought via online, cutting out impact at the point of purchase.

Outdoor impacts across all stages of the Path to Purchase

  • 71% prefer buses with advertising than those without
  • 36%  state outdoor advertising is welcome distraction
  • 80% can’t help but notice advertising on buses

  • 50% actively notice ads outdoors
  • 44% seek brand and product information whilst out and about, through smart phones and tablets

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