My Real World


My real world is an exposition of candid research and insights drawn from real life, real time studies of Transit advertising and its audiences.
The study delves deeply into what transit media means to Australians within their personal sphere of existence and what sorts of action this personal connection elicits.


The quantitative component looked at a broad mix of over 1500 Australians. We conducted an Ethnography study that followed a mix of OG1’s, young working adults, young adults and mums with kids. Researchers followed these people, asking their views around media consumption and then with a focus on outdoor and transit media. We obtained over 70 hours of footage, taking in their everyday life, habits and routines.The final Ethnography study focuses on a mix of 16 different people in Sydney and Melbourne people across varied age, life stage and gender, while a Quantitative Study, surveying 1,000 respondents to further test support the key findings of the Ethnography study.


• 97% travelled outside for more than 10 mins in the past week [87% at least a half an hr]
• Car and walking are the most common modes of transport followed by train and bus travel.
• Weekly use of public transport is more common amongst those travelling to school and younger commuters.
• The majority of Transit advertising is consumed by drivers/passengers and pedestrians [and it plays a different role for those people on the bus]
• Journeys are dictated by routine especially on weekdays, while the weekend is more about social and leisure (I travel to and from work the same way [63%])

 As a result, 54% of people recall seeing transit advertising

There is less need for advertisers to ‘shout’ to cut through the clutter; instead they can focus on delivering their message.
Often other ad platforms considered intrusive, loud, annoying or as though they are “Shouting at me”, advertising doing everything they can to cut-through

However… Transit / Outdoor advertising is less intrusive, therefore easier to absorb
Our audience told us that, “I have the control – the choice to engage or not engage - Advertising talks to me instead of shouting at me” [31%]

For the full study, and for specific demographic insights contact your APN Outdoor Account Manager.

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