MOVE: Transit Updates

In 2014 we brought you The Attention Economy, our flagship study examining how Australians interact with media in and around their cities.

The study told us that Outdoor is the least avoided ad platform, that people like ads on outdoor and as a result pay attention to them

Then we conducted the My Real World study.

This study told us that Transit media has the ability to reach people:

  • Everyday
  • Multiple Times (one average the same ad 3 times) Across multiple OOH formats
  • As well as multiple media platforms
This is due to their journeys being dictated by routine, often travelling the same way on a regular basis

Now, the most recent MOVE data release reveals that the outdoor format with the highest recall, Transit, just got a further 10% more visible to consumers.

If we look at the % growth in contacts for each outdoor media format, between 2014 and 2015 data releases, Transit has by far increased the most.

Followed by roadside and retail. This is based on gross contacts.

Outdoor as a whole has increased in contacts by 3.4%.  This is due to annual updates such as population increase, consistent change in behaviour (people spending more time outdoors), more panels in MOVE = higher audience, more bus routes, more train stations etc etc.


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