In today’s fragmented media landscape, consumers see a plethora of messages each day and remember just a handful. To impact consumers and be remembered, advertisers need to find out what stands out, and that’s where APN Outdoor comes in. As leaders in transit advertising we have significantly invested in research for over 5 years with the following studies:

The Attention Economy 2014

Hoop research and Neuroscience | Transit Momentum Study 2012

Access Testing: Concept Eye Tracking Study 2015

In 2015, we have released Attention on Momentum, the culmination of our research to date... 



To quantify the role movement plays in attracting attention and enhancing attitudes towards bus advertising.


  1. Invited four brands to participate; Nike, Gaytime, Kit Kat & Pepsi
  2. Placed their brands on buses and filmed them in situ
  3. Each brand appeared on a moving and static format
  4. Edited the exposure in situ in a 12 minute travel video of Sydney
  5. Recruited a robust sample size n=126
  6. Monitored engagement and memory responses to the vision
  7. Tested respondents brand saliency scores pre and post video to determine what was stored to memory for use in future purchase situations.

Key results

Hoop research and Neuroscience | Transit Momentum Study 2012

  • Stationary bus portrait grew brand saliency by 11.4% vs. moving bus portrait ad grew brand saliency by 24.2%
  • Transit increases the likelihood that a brand will be purchased by 112%
  • Transit builds earlier and higher engagement which opens the doorway to memory and increases brand saliency.
  • We know that 71% of people prefer transit with advertising than without

APN Outdoor | The Attention Economy 2014

  • Found to be the #1 outdoor format for ad recall
  • One of the last mediums people see before shopping
  • Found to be the #1 outdoor format for taking people by surprise
  • Found to be the #2 outdoor format for noticeability
  • 54% of the audience could recall a transit ad 

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