Chinese Passenger Profiles


To shine a light on the worlds fastest growing middle class, understanding whats driving demand and why.


Pulling from a series of peer-reviewed research studies as well as our own proprietary research, we've compiled key finding into this compelling edition of The Headline Series.   


In the past 5 years, Chinese passenger numbers have more than doubled with over 1 million visiting our shores in 2016. Their tourism expenditure dwarfs other markets and their demand for Australia's quality goods and services continue to bolster a plethora of industries including education, retail, pharmaceuticals and real estate, to name a few.

As political relations and the relaxation of visa constraints continue to strengthen the AU-CH connection, this Headline Series unmasks the core audience groups affecting key categories in Australia:    

  • The Vuitton Vacationer
  • The Pharma-natic
  • The Daigou
  • The Bidder
  • The Scholar

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