Billboards: The Originals


To revisit the classic appeal of the world’s oldest advertising medium.  As Australia’s leading billboard provider, APN Outdoor wanted to demonstrate the power of billboard advertising and the reasons it has stood the test of time.


Seeking to draw conclusions around what keeps billboard advertisers coming back for more, APN Outdoor called upon its own database of engaged “Outsiders” in a 360 strong, bespoke survey.  Amongst other findings, the study also used data from OMA’s latest MOVE results to drill further into the numbers behind billboard audience behaviour.


The message from The Originals was clear, billboards embody the perfect formula:  Classic Format.  Timeless Results.  The unbeatable combination of location, impact and frequency has remained unchanged over the years and continues to deliver results for advertisers.

Even after all this time, it seems billboards still get heads turning with 56% of those surveyed agreeing billboards are hard to miss.  This is partly due to the careful positioning of billboards high traffic locations, on major arterials and key roadways.  Nearly half (48%) of participants in the study consider them to be in iconic locations while 1 in 2 experience brand elevation, believing those who advertise on billboards are well-known.

The impact of billboards was also undeniable, with nearly two-thirds of study participants believing they are both impactful and memorable.  The study highlights that high dwell times also create more opportunity to impact consumers while 1 in 3 people found themselves viewing the same ad multiple times a week, providing greater opportunities for impact and higher chance of memorability.   

Perhaps the most crucial finding from the survey however, is that the unbeatable formula of location, impact and frequency leads to action.  53% of people confirmed they have visited a website after seeing an ad on a billboard and almost half of participants say they spoke about what they saw with someone else.

With over 1500 billboard sites nationally, APN Outdoor offers brands unparalleled national coverage in the best locations in the country.  For more information about billboards or to book a campaign, contact your APN Outdoor account manager.

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