Star Wars

Star Wars needs no introduction to the fans but Outdoor creates a platform to promote hype around the release and entice a broader audience. The campaign required large scale cut through.
The APN Outdoor multi format offering allowed the client to create talkability and scale through sheer asset variety. As the only provider that has Transit, Billboards and Elite Screens, APN Outdoor was able to deliver unparalleled reach and creative diversity. Transit wraps offered a true broadcast solution, with 95% of metro areas covered, while Large Formats, like our billboards, impacted consumers in high traffic areas to build cut through. APN Outdoor were able to integrate special affect lighting into large format executions, which further heightened consumer conversations. The digital network of Elite Screens allowed Disney Star Wars to speak to the fans directly and create a conversation, by specifically promoting fans to use hashtags #darkside #lightside.
Key results
The campaign was successful in delivering key messaging. Those exposed to the campaign were more than 2 times more likely to be aware of the Dec 17th release of the latest instalment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens than those that weren’t. Delivering huge impact, the campaign fuelled conversations as, when asked post campaign, among those who recalled sighting the creative, there was an significant uplift in those that had discussed the movie with 5 or more people by +9%. Beyond this, the campaign prompted audience behaviour with the campaign results demonstrating that Outdoor acted as a constant reminder, getting people talking and driving information search [for timetables, locations showing/reviews]. Finally, the campaign drove desire to see the movie. Likeliness to see the movie was 2 times higher among those exposed to the Outdoor campaign, proving that the campaign created a ‘must see’ status for the movie.
December 2015
Mass Audience
Elite Screens, Transit,
Other media
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