The campaign aimed to provide a platform for Gumtree to extend the site’s existing car dealership advertising and subsequently share these messages in environmentally relevant locations using APN Outdoor’s Elite Screen Network.
The campaign focuses on Gumtree’s B2C automotive platform, whereby Gumtree advertisers had their car ads filtered through from online to digital outdoor on APN Outdoor’s Elite Screen network across Brisbane. The Elite Screen technology enabled creative flexibility and immediacy for the client.
Key results
The campaign successfully displayed innovation in the Out of Home market, and aided the Gumtree team in transfering the brand perception from an "anonymous broadcast" to an "identified broadcast" Kate Milligan, Gumtree Business Director PHD. The campaign allowed Gumtree to target audiences with the right message at the right time, but most importantly with that all illusive high impact. Sara McConkey, Head of Marketing and PR, Gumtree, commented on the exciting campaign. “We’re really excited to be the first brand involved in what is a unique opportunity in the outdoor space. Gumtree is always looking for new ways to engage consumers in real time and showcase the range of products on offer across the platform. As Australia’s largest marketplace for used car listings*, the opportunity offered by APN Outdoor allows us to amplify the reach of our sellers’ car listings and target the right people with the most relevant message.”
November, 2015
Mass Audience
Elite Screens
Other media
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