Key objectives of this campaign included generating awareness of the new Bonds’ tights range, and secondly, wanting to be close to retail outlets. Bonds’ required a medium with big impact and large-scale reach along with strategic audience targeting opportunities.

APN Outdoor’s billboard network provided the ability to achieve mass reach within retail proximity. Bonds utilised Sydney’s most prominent landmark site as part of the campaign. Measuring a staggering 24.4m x 8.5m, the billboard boasts the largest advertising display area within the CBD and can be viewed from up to 2km away. It is located on Broadway, a major pedestrian and traffic thoroughfare in Sydney and the main entrance to the city from the west.

With 46% of people who notice Billboards believing they are effective at reaching them whilst driving, large billboards on key arterials are ideal for reaching millions of Australians each day. Large format provides impact and exposure on a level few other mediums can rival, plus it operates 24/7 and cannot be switched off. The creative in Bonds’ new campaign – with its succinct messaging, strong visual and clear branding – plays to the medium’s strengths, making it another successful outdoor campaign from the much-loved Aussie retailer.

“APN Outdoor’s billboard network provided us with the ability to achieve all of this and we have been really happy to see Iggy’s creative hit the streets in literally such a big way.”

Generate awareness in close proximity to retailers
Using large format sites with huge broadcast capability
Key results
Impact and Exposure
July - August 2015
Transit, P50's, Large Format and Spectacular
Other media
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