People aged 25–54 years are time-poor hard workers who like to treat themselves when they can. Twenty eight per cent of this audience group considers themselves to be affluent and almost one in two go for the finer things in life.

Being busy, thirty per cent say they don’t have time to shop around daily. On occasions when they do go shopping for clothes and food with the kids however, they tend to spend more.

On the weekends people aged 25–54 years enjoy being social by heading out to pubs/bars, cafés and restaurants. Throughout the year they are likely to go the gym, help their kids with schoolwork, go camping, bring work home and go to music concerts.

Attitudes towards Outdoor

heavy outdoor
  • 63% are heavy Outdoor consumers
  • 57% can’t miss big billboard signs
  • 48% can’t help notice advertising around the airport
  • 49% can’t help notice advertising on buses

Commuting habits

travel by car
  • 62% travel by car (alone or car pool)
  • 20% use the train
  • 27% travel an hour or more

Purchasing behaviour

own/use a
  • 72% own/use a smartphone
  • 59% are strongly considering a cruise
  • 41% intend to travel overseas in the coming year (18% intend to go to the USA, 16% New Zealand, 13% Singapore and 12% the UK)
  • 36% drank beer in the past month and 30% consumed a spirit (34% drank scotch/whisky, 29% bourbon, 27% vodka and 12% liqueur

Source: Nielsen Consumer & Media View  Metro  Survey 10 2012 (Jan-Dec12) ;

Base: people 18+  and (outdoor advertising really stands out or usually notice) 4,635,000 people