People aged 18–29 years like to stand out from crowd. On weekends they can be found shopping or in cafés, restaurants or pubs/bars and they like a big night out.

Mobile phones are important to this audience group, using them to purchase things, coordinate their social lives and access social media.

Activities that people 18–29 years often participate in include; gaming, going to the gym or sports arena, study/course work, camping, going to pubs, bars or night clubs or music concerts at major venues.

Attitudes towards Outdoor

heavy outdoor
  • 67% are heavy Outdoor consumers
  • 55% say billboard advertising is easy to understand whilst driving
  • 49% can’t help notice advertising on buses

Commuting habits

travel by car
  • 62% travel by car
  • 31% use the train
  • 28% take the bus
  • 28% travel an hour or more each day

Purchasing behaviour

own/use a
  • 79% own a smartphone (15%  have used it for location based/GPS activities in the past 30 days)
  • 41% are planning an Australian holiday in the next 6 months, while 31% intend to travel overseas in the coming year
  • 23% intend to purchase a car in the next 12 months

Source: Nielsen Consumer & Media View  Metro  Survey 10 2012 (Jan-Dec12) ;

Base: people 18+  and (outdoor advertising really stands out or usually notice) 4,635,000 people