People aged 16–39 years are out and about and tech savvy.

Mobile phones are an essential item for this audience – they use them to purchase things, coordinate their social lives and to access social media. In fact, 54 per cent say they can’t live without their mobile phone.

On weekends they are likely to be found shopping or in cafés, restaurants and pubs/bars. Their activities throughout the year vary from study/course work to dinner/drinks, heading to the gym, visiting theme parks and going camping.

Attitudes towards Outdoor

notice advertising
on large billboards
  • 57% notice brand advertising on large billboards
  • 51% can’t help notice advertising on buses
  • 49% can’t help notice advertising around the airport


travel by car
  • 62% travel to work by car
  • 27% use the train
  • 25% take the bus

Purchasing behaviour

own/use a
  • 77% own a smart phone
  • 40% intend to travel overseas in the coming year
  • 32% purchased clothing/accessories online in the past month

Source: Nielsen Consumer & Media View  Metro  Survey 10 2012 (Jan-Dec12) ;

Base: people 14+  and (outdoor advertising really stands out or usually notice) 4,961,000 people