Mothers are family focused and highly influenced by their children.

Car decisions are made with their children in mind, with fifty nine per cent saying that the car has to be suitable to carry kids and sixty per cent saying that the car needs to be easy to enter and exit for the rear occupant. While shopping at the supermarket forty four per cent of mothers say their children influence their purchases.

On the weekends, mothers can often be found visiting parks, gardens and shopping centers and forty six per cent will be driving in traffic.

Attitudes towards Outdoor

heavy outdoor
  • 63% are heavy Outdoor consumers
  • 58% can’t miss big billboard signs
  • 48% can’t help notice advertising around the airport
  • 50% can’t help notice advertising on buses
  • 44% notice advertising on big billboards on their way to the shopping centres

Commuting habits

travel by car
  • 55% per cent travel by car
  • 22% travel an hour or more each day
  • 18% use the train

Purchasing behaviour

own/use a
  • 69% own/use a smartphone
  • 45% are planning an Australian holiday in the next 6 months (61% intend to fly and 34% to drive)
  • 37% visit shopping centres several times a week
  • 20% intend to purchase a car in the next 12 months

Source: Nielsen Consumer & Media View  Metro  Survey 10 2012 (Jan-Dec12) ;

Base: people 18+  and (outdoor advertising really stands out or usually notice) 4,635,000 people