Men aged 16–39 years are image aware like to stand out from the crowd. They like to possess and do things that show that they have money and believe that designer labels improve their image.

This audience group is tech-savvy; fifty four per cent like new technology and are quick to try it. They are also mobile-phone focused and use them to run businesses and purchase things online.

On the weekend they can be found in shopping malls, restaurants, caf├ęs, pubs/bars and they enjoy a big night out. Other activities that they participate in regularly include; gaming, heading to the gym or sports arena, clubbing, study/course work, going to theme parks and camping.

Attitudes towards Outdoor

heavy outdoor
  • 68% are heavy Outdoor consumers
  • 59% notice brand advertising on large billboards
  • 50% can’t help notice advertising around the airport
  • 50% can’t help notice advertising on buses

Commuting habits

travel by car
  • 67% travel to work by car (alone or car pool)
  • 30% use the train
  • 26% take the bus
  • 30% travel an hour or more

Purchasing behaviour

own/use a
  • 74% own a smartphone (33% access the internet via their mobile)
  • 30% intend to purchase a car in the next 12 months
  • 29% will visit a hardware store at least monthly (67% have visited Bunnings in the past 6 months, followed by Big W hardware department)

Source: Nielsen Consumer & Media View  Metro  Survey 10 2012 (Jan-Dec12) ;

Base: people 14+  and (outdoor advertising really stands out or usually notice) 4,961,000 people