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Command Attention with Outdoor Media


The Outdoor medium is a fundamental part of our daily lives, with the ability to command attention with consumers whether on the way to work, on the school run or at the airport.

Through the sheer size, scale and ubiquity of the Outdoor medium, it is hard to miss. And in a world of active ad avoidance, this makes the Outdoor medium an even more important part of the communications landscape.

Outdoor media has many different uses and applications and can effectively reach a wide range of broad, as well as hard to reach target audiences. Critically for advertisers, Outdoor can deliver on a myriad of communications objectives, including:

Mass Reach

Our assets cover Large Format Digital and traditional Billboards, Posters, Transit, Rail and Airports have the opportunity to reach 97% of the Australian population.

In a world of fragmentation, with most media channels facing declining audiences, the audience reach capabilities of Outdoor’s growing audiences is enviable.

Geography & Proximity Targeting

Our targeting capabilities provide advertisers with the ability to deliver specific messages in specific areas; whether these messages seek a more suburban or metro-based audience.

In addition, our sophisticated targeting techniques allow us to position activity within close proximity to a range of locations, such as car dealerships, supermarkets, pharmacies etc.

Creative Flexibility

Like many communications solutions, Outdoor is not a one-size-fits-all approach to creative. Our variety of formats provides a range of creative opportunities for advertisers to capitalise on, where messages can and should be tailored to the environment for the biggest impact and highest levels of effectiveness.

Cost Efficiency

The cost of entry for the Outdoor medium can be much lower than that of other media channels. Additionally, Outdoor can deliver activity in market across extended periods of time, delivering even greater levels of cost-effective exposure in market.

Complements other media activity

Broader audience reach

Outdoor has always been considered an important addition to other campaign activity, particularly to TV campaigns. While Outdoor delivers very broad audiences, it has a real strength in reaching hard to reach non-commercial TV viewers. We recently conducted a study assessing the incremental reach Outdoor delivers to a TV schedule. For the same investment, the TV and Outdoor combination added over 10 points of 1+ & 3+ reach to a broad 18-54 audience, when compared to spending the same budget on TV alone. Compelling outcomes!

Engage connected consumers

Moments of downtime – on the platform, on a tram/bus, waiting at traffic lights, at the airport lounge – are one of the reasons Outdoor messages are so powerful. This downtime is increasingly acting as a bridge between Big (Outdoor) Screens and Small (Connected Devices) Screens, with Outdoor campaigns driving web visits, fuelling social media campaigns and connecting consumers with brands. An effective Outdoor campaign should never end with a great piece of art or copy, but an online experience for consumers.

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