Allianz Travel Insurance uses APN Outdoor’s digital airport assets for destination-specific messaging


SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor, today announced that they have been chosen to partner with Allianz Travel Insurance to execute a unique, digital airport campaign, targeting travellers at departure gates with messaging specific to their destination.

A range of bespoke creative variants will be used throughout the campaign, specific to both stop-over and final destinations including  Singapore, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangkok, London and Auckland. The screen will otherwise display generic Allianz Travel Insurance brand messaging when the destination is not one of the aforementioned cities.  This week saw the commencement of the campaign at Sydney Airport, Australia’s principal international gateway, which sees more than 40% of all international traffic pass through each year.

Mark Fairhurst, General Manager – Sales, APN Outdoor said, “We applaud the agency and client alike for embracing our medium and executing a clever, considered campaign. Allianz Travel Insurance has demonstrated the power and flexibility of digital out-of-home, specifically when used in a captive environment, like that of Sydney Airport.”

The campaign was born from a successful strategy investigation conducted at the close of 2013, indicating an increase in uptake of travel insurance after advertising in this highly targeted fashion. The flexible nature of digital provides Allianz with the opportunity to customise creative and to share a contextually relevant message with the core audience in the final, pre-flight moments. As well as this, it serves as a timely reminder for those who have overlooked travel insurance but still have time to log on and investigate a last minute policy.

Lauren Turner, Senior Manager at MEC said, “The big insight was that consumers are often disorganised and on average purchase travel insurance 24 hours prior to departure. We used real time data results from the 2013 trial campaign to determine the impact of advertising on conversion rate, sales and CPA.  This campaign proved effective and Allianz have now taken this concept one step further by tailoring the advertising to the destination.”

Russell Walsh, Senior Marketing Manager at Allianz said, “The results from last year’s strategy investigation provided us with the platform and impetus to roll out the wider campaign and we have enjoyed working with APN Outdoor and Sydney Airport in bringing this strategic campaign to life.”

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