Refreshed roles for experienced sales leaders at APN Outdoor


SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor, has ushered in major changes in their Sales leadership team in Sydney, with two key leaders taking on new roles announced and effective today.

Under the leadership of Mark Fairhurst, General Manager - Sales, David Pullinger has been appointed to the role of National Direct Sales Director, formerly held by Tim Rose, who will subsequently move into the NSW Agency Sales Director, formerly held by David.

The changes are indicative of APN Outdoor’s dedication to foster and grow talent from within the organisation. David Pullinger has been with APN Outdoor since 2009 and throughout his years as NSW Agency Sales Director has exemplified the leadership and management qualities necessary to succeed in this new role. Moving forward, in the direct stream of the business, David will assume a multi-state position, with a specific focus on the larger markets of NSW & VIC for both direct and boutique agencies. Tim has been a part of APN Outdoor for over 10 years and hugely instrumental to the significant growth of direct and boutique agencies and will bring a wealth of experience and energy to his new agency focused role.

Mark Fairhurst, General Manager - Sales, APN Outdoor commented on the changes “I am thrilled that APN Outdoor is able to provide opportunities for exceptional senior personnel, enabling growth and career progression whilst maintaining talent and momentum within the organisation. These changes offer both David and Tim; two of our strongest leaders, the opportunity to refresh their careers at APN Outdoor.  David’s shift to a multi-state focused role will allow him to share his experience with the broader direct sales team whilst Tim’s national direct experience will serve him very well in agency land. Both Tim and David have enjoyed great success in their current roles and I look forward to watching them both grow and succeed in the coming months.”

APN Outdoor are leaders in the Outdoor space across Australia and New Zealand and have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the leadership and pioneering of digital outdoor whilst maintaining a commitment to traditional formats including billboards, rail, transit and airport advertising.

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