Gillette brings live sports news into the rail environment


SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor operator APN Outdoor, has partnered with Gillette to bring live sports content into the daily commute across key rail stations in Sydney and Melbourne through their innovative digital outdoor platform, XtrackTV.

The leading shaving company, has a long association with sporting events, and Gillette’s newest product; Gillette Proshield, can be seen top and tailing the sports updates on XtrackTV ensuring it’s in front of the key audience, when they are getting their sports update throughout the commute across Sydney and Melbourne. In addition Gillette has also utilised the more traditional rail format, static Cross Track Posters to engage the commuter and further drive brand awareness to educate the audience about the intricacies of this new product.

Gillette recognised the opportunity that the captive rail environment provides and used the classic static format to begin the conversation with consumers, and the flexibility of the digital XtrackTV format to drive further engagement and extend their multiscreen presence to get in front of their key demographic.

Gillette’s presence in the rail environment has been making an impact on consumers since late 2016 and will continue to engage throughout 2017. This long term content presence is indicative of great things to come in the rail environment with further content opportunities in the pipeline.

XtrackTV was launched in 2015 and has quickly become a key component of so many digital Outdoor campaigns. With the ability to drive incremental reach over and above TV by 12%, it’s clear to see why brands are looking to this environment to bolster their multiscreen campaigns.

Richard Herring, APN Outdoor’s CEO, commented on the activation, saying that “The ability to provide an advertising platform aligned with high quality content in a captive environment is something XtrackTV really does better than anything else. In the coming months, the content opportunities in this space are set for further transformation and as technology continues to improve and our footprint grows, the opportunities are truly exciting.”

APN Outdoor is Australia and New Zealand’s most progressive Outdoor advertising company; leaders in the Digital Billboard, Billboard, Transit, Rail and Airport advertising categories. Whilst dominating traditional outdoor formats, the company also maintains particular focus on growing and developing their digital portfolio, establishing APN Outdoor as the unrivalled leaders in this space. In addition, APN Outdoor have established themselves as vanguards in research, investing in several market leading studies, that prove the power of the medium and foster innovation and growth throughout the sector. APN Outdoor boast over 36,000 high-impact, attention-grabbing locations, dominating major city skylines, roadways, rail-stations and airports across both sides of the Tasman.

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