APN Outdoor’s XtrackTV Delivers Outstanding Results for Pureprofile


SYDNEY: APN Outdoor is proud to present the true strength of their digital Rail offering, XtrackTV, after the impressive results of their latest case study featuring Pureprofile.

Pureprofile utilised APN Outdoor’s national digital rail network to encourage commuters to download and engage with their online research panel. Run exclusively through XtrackTV, the campaign yielded an outstanding 121% increase in Pureprofile app downloads (compared to the prior 12 week average), as well as a 35% increase in Pureprofile panel registrations during the period.

The campaign, which featured a 15 second TVC on XtrackTV screens across five metro markets, lasted two weeks from January to February 2018 and saw Pureprofile app downloads more than doubled proving the effectiveness of the format in driving online activation and the benefit that can have for advertisers.

The study found 77% of respondents admitted they “notice or pay attention to XtrackTV”, 73% agreed they “often find themselves looking at the ads to kill time”, while 61% said they like seeing advertising on XtrackTV.

APN Outdoor’s General Manager, Marketing, Charlotte Valente, said: “The results of our partnership with Pureprofile are incredibly exciting, proving the tangible benefits of the XtrackTV platform in driving immediate action.

“XtrackTV is the only full-motion, audio-enabled, national digital network. This, combined with the strengths of the rail environment in providing a high-dwell, high-frequency, captive audience, truly cements why 67% of participants said they looked into the Pureprofile advertisement immediately while still on the platform.”

Pureprofile Managing Director ANZ, Kelvin Kirk, said: “The XtrackTV campaign was successful for Pureprofile in driving awareness and acquisition. It allowed us to engage with a relevant outdoor audience through exciting visual and audio content and measure the impact of outdoor advertising to the online interest of Pureprofile”.

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