APN Outdoor billboards celebrate new season of Game of Thrones


SYDNEY: In a head-turning move, leading outdoor media provider APN Outdoor, has partnered with Mediacom and Foxtel to herald in the much anticipated fourth season of Game of Thrones which began this Monday on Showcase, with a standout billboard campaign across Sydney and Melbourne.

In an effort to build on an already outstanding following and launch season 4, the program’s iconic imagery has been brought to life for Game of Thrones fans to build excitement and enthusiasm for the next installment of the series that has taken the world by storm.

The wider campaign promoting the series launch is running across large format and LUX sites in New South Wales and Victoria and includes specially built billboards complete with imposing black crows towering above the regular constraints of the sites. Avid watchers and readers of the world’s most downloaded series would recognise the black crow iconography as the commonly used nickname of the Sworn Brothers of the Night’s Watch and know that A Feast for Crows is also the name of George R. R. Martin's fourth instalment in the series.

Showcase, Foxtel’s home of HBO channel, is a regular advertiser on large format billboards and has executed campaigns with APN Outdoor for True Detective and House of Cards so far this year before promoting the new series of Game of Thrones.

Janine Wood, APN Outdoor General Manager – Marketing, commented; “We love to see great brands embrace the true power of outdoor with eye catching and attention grabbing use of our billboard sites. The strong imagery in conjunction with the quality and scale of our sites makes for a fabulous campaign and we are now true subscribers to the Game of Thrones phenomenon”.


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