Dare Iced Coffee launches real-time campaign with APN Outdoor


SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor media provider, APN Outdoor, today announces that they have partnered with Starcom on a national real-time Outdoor campaign for Lion’s Dare Iced Coffee. Utilising APN Outdoor’s Digital Billboards in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane the campaign regularly changes its messaging to coincide with current events taking place in the news and entertainment worlds.

Launching April 21 and running for 16 weeks, the cross-channel Dare campaign puts an irreverent spin on trending #brainfail moments in pop culture, reacting in real time and encouraging conversation around the #brainfail #darefix.

Mark Fairhurst, General Manager – Sales, APN Outdoor said, “The Dare Iced Coffee campaign demonstrates how advertisers can get the best of both worlds from large format digital. On the one hand you have all the original advantages of large format advertising; big impact and large-scale reach. Throw in the added benefits of digital, such as creative flexibility and immediacy, and the potential for campaigns to really resonate and connect with consumers is limitless.”

Peter Toone, General Manager, Starcom Melbourne also commented on the campaign, “Dare’s creative platform of ‘when you’re not thinking straight’ gave us the opportunity to develop a dynamic social listening program for the brand, to aid us in identifying global trends and events quickly, which then informs the creative messaging in real time.

“Ultimately this leads to more compelling and engaging communications, whilst still remaining true to the Dare brand.  APN Outdoor’s Digital Billboards are critical to the campaign, enabling us to achieve high impact, whilst still retaining the flexibility to change messaging as and when events are unfolding.”

APN Outdoor is the only Outdoor company in Australia to offer advertisers the option of a national roadside, large format, high definition LED, Digital Billboard buy.  



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